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Sherry Chen
02 June 2012 @ 09:28 am
Title: Over Thinking
Type: Oneshot 
Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x OC (You)
Description:Getting me stuck with my own tedious feelings, emotions, thoughts and ideas kills. It’s a fight that I can never win. There’s simply no opponent, but myself, who I know the most. Jealousy is hard to overcome, because when you love someone that much, it’s just hard to let another person into the closely woven friendship. 

Over ThinkingCollapse )

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Sherry Chen
02 June 2012 @ 09:24 am
I've been mia for quite some time already, and I'm going to come back with oneshots posted everyday! :D I've also been practicing writing and I hope to write better stories in the future! >:D Oh and um, *blushes* I'd like it if no one goes back to read my old stories of crap. 
Sorry for the short post, but chyeaah, I'm quite busy with KPOP! =

That's Luhan, my bias. Isn't he cute?? 

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Sherry Chen
28 December 2011 @ 09:25 pm
I'm working on a translation! I hope I can post it soon, but I hope no one has translated it yet! I'm going to translate TV Television 2012.01's article of JUMP. I've been dead for too long. LOL XD
I seriously also need to update my stories! They have suddenly gone mia. Nevertheless, I just want you guys to know I'm alright and that I've got a boyfriend! Yay~! It's not new news, but I just had the sudden urge to share it out. My boyfriend who's online name is Shota(Named by me) is taking me out on New Years for count down. Of course, friends and some older cousins will also accompany us, but at least I know they will let the two of us spend time together. ♥ THEY HAVE TO. 
Hm...I guess that's it. 

Recent me! You can still see a poster of Hey!Say!JUMP in the back. xD I think that was them in the year...2008? 

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Sherry Chen
04 September 2011 @ 09:03 pm

*SIGH* I'm just bored and tired and don't want to go to school tomorrow because I don't want to go to cram school after school so I'm dreading for tomorrow to come.
LOL! ^^ 

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Sherry Chen
02 September 2011 @ 05:40 pm
Title: ​Jealousy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Type: Oneshot
Pairing: Nakajima Yuto/OC
Ooshima Mei(大島梅) a really quiet girl that is actually really innocent. She's just more of a listener than a talker. She is really cute and just sees the good in everything. Yuto is a really popular guy, while Mei is just an average girl. Yuto likes Mei, but she's so shy around him. So Yuto does everything he can to get Mei to like him.
     JealousyCollapse )
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